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I haven't found a way to access @Remote EJBs deployed on an OpenShift JBoss 7 instance from a local client.

Is it even possible to access all needed ports or to wrap the JNDI/RMI connections in HTTP?

greetings Florian

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WildFly will do remote EJB through HTTP UPGRADE (I know this doesn't help you right now). –  Philippe Marschall Oct 21 '13 at 14:58
did you ever figure out how to access the remote ejbs? please update on any progress –  user3270407 Mar 30 at 14:25
no unfortunaly the project died before I found a solution –  itshorty Mar 31 at 6:34

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If the remote ejb's run on a port other than http, you would have to use port forwards at the moment.

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Thats the problem... Some of our clients are behind Firewalls blocking other ports Under JBoss 5 we used the UnifiedInvoker for this - is this also available under JBoss 7? –  itshorty Oct 22 '13 at 9:05

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