I built and run an iPhone application on iPod Touch 2.2.1 device, got some problems and made a fix attempt. Now trying to re-build & run the application gives two (2) error popup notes:

Could not receive a message from the device [OK]

Google couldn't find this! The device itself is working happily, I can even launch and use the app I'm trying to install. iTunes looks like it's still connected... What could be the problem?


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    Have you tried restarting the iPhone? – notnoop Dec 22 '09 at 23:29
  • That helped, thanx! Should have thought about it myself, but it's a bit late here (1.30 AM). The mysterious problem is not repeatable, guess device got confused. If you could write how to do reboot as answer, I would accept it for you. – JOM Dec 22 '09 at 23:38

Restart the iPhone.

  • mmm... how many issues are getting resolved with a restart :) – Saran Oct 11 '18 at 5:44

Restart your iPhone device. Also, restart Xcode. This worked for me.


Are you using some "cheap" USB cable? This was the cause in my case.

  • Original cable here. Still happens. – Vito Valov Oct 15 at 18:41

Just got the same message. I fixed it by connecting my iPhone directly to my Macs USB-Port instead of connecting it to a USB-Hub.


I was having the same issue. Due to having an issue on old wifi connection settings. I just connect New wifi in both iMac and iPhone. Now on words, I never connect via USB. Imac automatically connects my iPhone and I can debug directly on my iPhone. If a sometimes loose connection that time I just goto

-> Windows -> Device and simulators -> select my device -> right click -> connect vai IP address.

Just enter an IPAddress from my iPhone wifi. For that just goto --> wifi of iPhone -> info (symbol) -> IPAddress.


I also got this messsage, the problem was too many devices (via USB) connected to my MacBook Pro.


Received this message recently and tried the steps above, specifically different combinations of restarting the iPhone, disconnecting/reconnecting it, and quitting/restarting Xcode.

In the end, I restarted my comp and it works fine now.

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