I have a C++ MFC project with only classes and no namespace.I want to create a Help file from XML documentation. I was trying to do that using Sandcastle help file builder and the visual studio generated document XML file. But each time I try to build the help file it shows :

SHFB: Error BE0033: No APIs found to document.  See error topic in help file for details.

Is it not possible for Sandcastle to create documentation for this kind of project (i.e no namespace used).I am a beginner in this part so not sure if I am going in right direction at all or not. Any kind of guide is highly appreciated. Thanks.

  • :try to edit the DocumentPrivateFields and DocumentPrivates to True instead of False – Computer_Engineer Nov 10 '13 at 5:36

If the classes are not public you'll have to enable DocumentPrivates and DocumentInternals in the project properties. This can be changed within the 'Visibility' section.

This FAQ answer may be helpful.

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