I am using Rails jquery ujs for handling ajax within my app. Also I am using a the confirm option for destroying any records. As my current setup, I have hooked up a loading overlay screen on click of data-remote=true link.

All I wanted to know is: Is there a way I can hook a callback event when a user clicks cancel on the confirm box and I can close the loader overlay.

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    I don't know and don't think this is something worth research. "Cancel" is "cancel". It should not have any side effect. What you are going to do breaks usability. – Billy Chan Oct 22 '13 at 12:09

Yes, you can. Pass in the response object. In CoffeeScript.

  $('selector').on 'confirm:complete', (e, response) ->
    if response
      # User confirmed
      # User cancelled.

In Javascript:

  $('selector').on('confirm:complete', function(e, response) {
    if(response) {
      // User confirmed
    else {
      // User cancelled.

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