In spring controller class to redirect to a url

  • some places all using return "redirect:/abc.htm";.

  • also using return new ModelAndView("redirect:/abc.htm").

Any one please explain the difference and similarities of both statements.

And in which situation it has to use.


Am using RedirectAttribute to get values from old url. In this case am getting value while using this return "redirect:/abc.htm"; but not in this return new ModelAndView("redirect:/abc.htm").
Is there any difference in RedirectAttributes

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    Both of them do the same job. Returning ModelAndView is old way which existed before Spring 2.0.
    – Rohit Jain
    Oct 22, 2013 at 11:39

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The statements:

return "redirect:/abc.htm"
return new ModelAndView("redirect:/abc.htm")

do the same thing: redirects the request to abc.htm. If a view name is returned that has the prefix redirect:, this is recognized as a special indication that a redirect is needed. The rest of the view name will be treated as the redirect URL.

With the statement

return "redirect:/abc.htm"

you can only return the redirect view name.

With ModelAndView you can return both model and view in a single return value:

ModelAndView modelAndView =  new ModelAndView("redirect:/abc.htm");
modelAndView.addObject("modelAttribute" , new ModelAttribute());
return modelAndView;

But the attribute value will not be available in the new redirect request that the client(browser) will make for the URL /abc.htm. The best use of ModelAndView is when you forward the request to a new URL, so that you can return both model and view together in a single return value. For redirect scenarios, if you want to pass attributes, you should use RedirectAttributes.

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