I have difficulties with with debugging at Android Studio. After trying to launch application in debug mode device show alert with "Waiting For Debugger" title that never disappear. Also I have android:debuggable="true" in my manifest file and seems like device connected correctly, because I can simply run my application without any problem. What I'm doing wrong?

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Remove android:debuggable="true", because when you run/debug an application in Android Studio is signed with a debug certificate so that setting is not mandatory.

Then check from console if the device is correctly attached with an adb devices. You should see it listed.

Then try in this way:

1 - close Android Studio and any other IDE you have opened (maybe you have Eclipse also running?) and emulator instances;

2 - remove USB cable from PC;

3 - run adb kill-server from console;

4 - open Android Studio;

5 - click on run/debug;

6 - when the window to select the device appears, attach your device to USB and USB to your computer;

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    @cheeesus in that case, try step 3 as first thing. Kill the server, then wait few seconds, then re-issue the adb devices command. Server will be restarted and you should see your devices listed.
    – fasteque
    Aug 22, 2014 at 11:36
  • Thank you!!! I had no idea why adb was hanging when I launched Android Studio but unplugging the device before launch worked perfectly.
    – Jedidja
    Oct 9, 2014 at 13:18
  • Great! Works for me. Just need to say it's a bit annoying as I need to repeat it several times a day... can't the guys from JetBrains fix the tool?
    – pepan
    Mar 20, 2015 at 11:07
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    @AlexanderSolonik in your shell or terminal. If you have the Android Platform Tools in your path, you can run it from any location, otherwise adb is stored int YOUR_ANDROID_SDK_FOLDER/platform-tools.
    – fasteque
    Jul 15, 2015 at 7:52
  • @fasteque , thanks one more question where do i change from MTP to PTP ? any idea ? Jul 15, 2015 at 9:26

also try restarting the device - that worked for me when I had the same issue


I have similar issue (running Android Studio on Ubuntu)

What I do:

  • Close Android Studio (and Emulator(s) if running)
  • Go to adb folder (/wherever_location_is/sdk/platform-tools) and run command:

    ./adb kill-server

  • Open Android Studio.

Now Logcat messages appear again.


Remove those lines related to debugging. When you launch an application from Android Studio it is signed with a debug key. Any debugging information you need can be viewed in logcat from Android Studio. Also make sure you are running the latest version (help -> check for updates) I think that's where its at.


I'm struggling with similar issue every day and as restarting the studio or the device is pretty time consuming (and sometimes even does not work), I was trying many things and by coincidence I found an awkward (but working) solution.

When you are in the situation when you hit debug button in Android Studio, the studio says it's connected and the device says: Waiting for Debugger, but the device waits forever, do this:

  • In Android Studio, hit the 'Edit Configurations' pop-up button
  • Once the Run/Debug Configurations dialog opens, the debug process starts!

Works like a miracle!


Try this way - it works for me:

run/debug configuration 
Android app 
Debug type 
set Auto

enter image description here


I had the same problem when i enabled the Proguard for debug!, Please disable it and try !!!


I think this might help. After launching application, click on Run and find Attach Debugger to Android Process [You may find this helpful[1]


Check in gradle. if you apply proguard for debug then dubugging process not applicable to app.Make sure minifyEnabled false in debug.

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