Looking into changing my web stack of choice to the awesomeness that is Sails JS, and learning the JADE meta-language. For completeness sake, I thought I'd use JADE for server AND client-side templates.

I added this to my gruntfile:

jade: {
  dev: {
    compile: {
      options: {
      files: {
        ".tmp/public/jst.js": templateFilesToInject

and added the task to the compileAssets task, however it appears to never run, as I don't have any jst.js file in my .tmp/public folder. How can I check if this is actually being run, or if it's a configuration problem?

The ultimate goal is having the compiled templates in a single file (or multiple in dev.) and have it/them included in the TEMPLATES section in my layout file.

To be clear, this is client-side JADE templates we are talking about.

I am using the grunt-contrib-jade plugin.

To summarize:

How can I compile my JADE templates from the /assets/linker/templates folder, and have them included/linked (as compiled .js files) in my layout file?

  • Try running grunt --verbose and see if that has any helpful output. – RoryKoehein Oct 27 '13 at 14:34

So if anyone comes across this at a later date, the issue is that the default order of tasks in sails js is flawed. dev:copy needs to be called before dev:jst. See the compileAssets.js file, this is where the switch needs to be made.

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