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I am working on a project with git version control. It has many contributors. In the first few days of the project, many commits were made without an author. I read this post, and this one too. I have tried going through git rebase -i <Original commit SHA> but all of the commits I flag with an edit tag have merge conflicts to address! I looked into calling rerere to use the old fixes, but because rerere changes are cached and I had not originally set it to true in gitconfig, it's not an option here.

Short of going commit-by-commit and readdressing the merge conflicts, what can I do to change the authors for those early commits?

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  • If you're doing a rebase that involves merge commits, why aren't you using the --preserve-merges flag? – user456814 May 18 '14 at 17:14

The posts your reference mention rebase -i, but also git filter-branch.

You should try the git filter_branch approach, which doesn't re-apply each commits, and doesn't have to resolve merge conflicts.

Like the rebase, that will change your history, though, and you will have to push --force the end result.


I think you will help this parameter --author. So if yo have merge commit already just whrite:

git commit --amend --author="Foo Bar <foo@example.com>"

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