What's involved in running 'client' Meteorite packages on server?

I'm interested in using reactive coffee for rendering a newsletter on the server. Can't find any references to this though it seemed an intuitive option. How's this (meteor client>server and newsletters) usually done?

Here's the package.js from zhouzhuojie / meteor-reactive-coffee on github.

  summary: "Reactive-coffee for Meteor"

Package.on_use(function (api) {
  api.use('jquery', 'client');
  api.use('underscore', 'client');
  api.use('coffeescript', ['client', 'server']);
  api.add_files('reactive-coffee/dist/reactive-coffee.min.js', 'client');
  api.add_files('main.js', 'client');
  api.add_files('rx.meteor.coffee', 'client');
  if (api.export){
    api.export(['rx', 'rxt'], 'client');
  • You may also check out the Blaze library, part of the Meteor project, which has an isomorphic interface to rendering DOM nodes on the client, and to strings on the server. – Dean Radcliffe Sep 15 '14 at 15:37

I'm a contributor to the reactive-coffee project, and I'll mention that the HTML building features of the project use jQuery and a real DOM, and so it would not be possible at the moment to use that library server-side.

There is a project with a similar API, but intended for use on the server, TeaCup, which might fit your bill.

I hope that's somewhat helpful, if not let me know.

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