I have CSV file say:

ABCD,<p>Its Awesome ,I want to fly..</p>

(col1 having some string,col2 html content)

I want to insert col1 & col2 data in database. When I read file using csv my data is col2(

Its Awesome ,I want to fly..

) data is split into two and only

Its Awesome is inserted in database. I am trying a way in which before passing the actually file with comma it is seperated by some charater . Please advise as to how html content can be read.


It's splitting on the extra comma. You need to quote the fields in your csv. I have no idea what you're parsing with but it should handle this case:

ABCD,"<p>Its Awesome ,I want to fly..</p>"

or alternatively

ABCD,<p>Its Awesome ","I want to fly..</p>
  • I dont think my customer will take pains to add quote for every record.I have comma as seperator – sweety Oct 23 '13 at 10:35
  • Then your task is impossible unless it's always the last field that can have unquoted and unescaped delimiters in it. – tom Oct 23 '13 at 10:41

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