I'm drawing a chart, using the plot(x, y) command where x and y are arrays. In the resulting chart I have the first and last point connected by a line. How to avoid the first and last point to be connected ?

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    What exact code are you using - i.e. the plot command - please provide a small example that shows your problem. Oct 23 '13 at 11:46
  • That is not the default behavior in matplotlib. y = arange(100) y = arange(100,0,-1) len x len y plot(x,y) does not connect the first and last points.
    – Paul
    Oct 23 '13 at 13:30
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    It's possible that your x values are not sorted, or that the last x (ie. x[-1]) coincides with the first x, x[0].
    – razvanc
    Oct 23 '13 at 17:15
  • Please show use code and data which replicate this problem.
    – tacaswell
    Oct 23 '13 at 18:37
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    I just had the same issue happen to me and found that using the GTK back end was the issue. That is: matplotlib.use('GTK') would exhibit the behavior, while matplotlib.use('TkAgg') would not. I think this only happened after an update (I'm using debian).
    – ozbob
    Nov 12 '15 at 2:55

I had similar problem as you can see:

BEFORE enter image description here

I just sorted x using this:

x = sorted(x)

And the line disappeared as you can see: (But the data is disturbed due to sorting).

AFTER SORTING enter image description here

You must also make sure the respective y values should also be accordingly arranged for the sorted x. The final output is here:

FIXED enter image description here

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