In my project, the build result is a ZIP archive containing a .jar, several HTML files, a bash script, and a Windows .cmd file.
Now, I would like to add the Windows .cmd file to git, keeping the Windows.style CRLF line format. The rest of the project is Linux-style LF.

I have found several questions about CRLF in git, but all of the answers were about

     autocrlf = true

but that does not match my needs, as I do not want to have the whole project as CRLF, only this one Windows .cmd file (maybe very few more in future).

So, how can I tell git to keep CRLF only for handpicked files ?


You can use .gitattributes, an entry such as:

*.cmd eol=crlf

This will ensure that the file is checked out with windows line endings even in clones that would normally use unix line endings,

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