Does android have any support for viewing SVG files or are there any 3rd party SVG viewers for the Android platform?


I use http://code.google.com/p/svg-android/ in my application with satisfaction. All my graphic resources are stored in svg format and rendered on the fly.

Now I'm using a fork of the original project: https://github.com/japgolly/svg-android

Simply include the .java files into your project and use them. This fork bring some improvements to the original code.

Obviously you need to code a little to build up your own SVG viewer. But it's very simple:

SVG svg = new SVGBuilder()
            .readFromResource(getResources(), R.raw.someSvgResource)

Drawable drawable = svg.createDrawable();

So all you need it's a ImageView component on your activity.

EDIT 2013-06-08:

I suggest to try also this project:


that has its own SVG parser.

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No native support AFAIK. There's this TinyLine. Haven't actually tried it myself though.

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May be you'll be able to do this with opera widgets when Opera 10.50 comes to android. Here's an SVG viewing Opera widget which works for desktop.

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Yes. It is a lite svg viewer:
SVG Viewer

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