Hi I'm developing a app for Chinese market. Now I have a view just simple use a UITextView that receives input text typed by user. To observe value-change event trigged by each character user typed,I implement the following delegate method:

- (BOOL)textView:(UITextView *)textView 
     replacementText:(NSString *)text

this method will be called normally when the user use other languages' IME except Chinese。 the problem is that when I pressed the [return(确认)] key ,this delegate method cannot be invoked normally,That is I can't get the whole NSString value typed by the user,may be for the Chinese Character Set is different from other IMEs.

The question is ,how does make this method can be called if the user pressed the [return] key using Chinese IME. I test English IME,Japanese IME,these IMEs are work normally. Only the behavior of Chinese IME not work well as my expectation.

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