This was the working scenario earlier:

LDAP Group > LR User Group > LR Role

LDAP Groups were mapped to Liferay User Groups Liferay User Groups mapped to Liferay Regular Roles Custom Portlet custom actions/permissions defined on Regular Roles.

When a user logged in from an LDAP group , all the custom actions/permissions assigned to the mapped Regular Role of that specific User Group were working great and the grass was green. I could see the Inherited Role of that user in the Edit User settings - control panel.

Now I was working on assigning Site specific roles instead of regular roles.

LDAP Group > LR User Group > Site Role (Create a Site > Create Site Roles > Map LR User Groups to Site and Site Roles)

But I am not able to see these inherited roles in the Edit User Settings in control panel. Will my custom portlet custom actions/permissions be inherited if I define them for Site Roles?

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