I have a php website which runs on an apache webserver in azure.

I want to authenticate users via ldap(mod_authnz_ldap) in ordre to manage the users only once.

Is it possible to use the Azure Active Directory as an ldap server? And if yes, where can i manage the users/group/xyz?

Or do i have to setup a standalone ldap service for this?


No. LDAP is not supported by Windows Azure Active Directory. Official doc here. Quote:

Today, Windows Azure AD isn’t a complete replacement for on-premises Windows Server AD. As already mentioned, the cloud directory has a much simpler schema, and it’s also missing things such as group policy, the ability to store information about machines, and support for LDAP.

You have think of leveraging the SSO support Windows Azure AD via OAuth/SAMLP/WS-Federation and re-engineer your auth/authz layer.


Stumble upon this old post. LDAP is now supported via Azure Directory Services which supports traditionnal methods of authentication, like Kerberos/NTLM and LDAP.

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