Does Twitter Oauth allow a user to authorize a consumer for a long period of time?

For example, if a user uses a consumer app that generates status updates automatically, can the user authorize that consumer once and then let it send status updates for the following 12 months?

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Yes. When the user presses the "Allow" button, the 3rd party app gets an access token that has an indefinite expiration time. Currently tokens are valid until the user revokes them.


  • Thanks. Good to know. Reading the Oauth specs and the Abraham Williams PHP API I got the impression the authorization was supposed to time out within a matter of minutes or hours.
    – user213154
    Dec 24, 2009 at 13:33

When a user Allows your application they are returned to you with the original request tokens. These have a limited window before expire to avoid brute-forcing. Those request tokens can be exchanged for access tokens which currently do not expire.

Users can revoke the access tokens at anytime though.

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