I am using the latest version of Selenium (2.37.0) with C# in Internet Explorer 10 (using the latest 32-bit InternetExplorerDriver, 2.37.0) to log in to a webpage, click on a button that opens a new window, and then changes focus to the new window.

Originally I was using this code in Firefox, and it would work every time:

// Get handle for original window
string parentHandle = driver.CurrentWindowHandle;

// Click on button for new window

// Get list of all window handles
ReadOnlyCollection<string> allWindowHandles = driver.WindowHandles;

// Loop over all handles and switch to new child window
foreach (string handle in allWindowHandles)
    if (handle != parentHandle)

But this doesn't work in Internet Explorer.

I have pinpointed the problem. Before I open the new window, I use driver.WindowHandles.Count to get the number of window handles, and (as expected) it tells me that there is only one window handle. Then, when I click the button for the new window, it tells me (again, as expected) that there are two window handles. But before the code gets to the line for driver.SwitchTo().Window(handle);, the number of window handles has dropped back down to one, even though both windows are still visible.

So somehow one of the window handles is getting lost. I have confirmed (using a bunch of Console.WriteLine statements) that the window handle that is dropped is the new one. I also used the Stopwatch class to time how long it takes for the new window handle to be dropped:

Stopwatch sw = new Stopwatch();

// Wait until the number of windows has changed from 1 to 2
WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(driver, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10));
wait.Until((_driver) => { return _driver.WindowHandles.Count != windowsBefore; });

// Start stopwatch

int numberOfWindows = driver.WindowHandles.Count;

while (numberOfWindows == 2)
    numberOfWindows = driver.WindowHandles.Count;


Console.Write("\nTime elapsed: " + sw.ElapsedMilliseconds + " ms");

After running this a few times, I found that the number of window handles typically drops back to one in less than 50 milliseconds. However, one time the window handle lasted much longer; here are the original numbers:

Time elapsed: 47 ms
Time elapsed: 31 ms
Time elapsed: 47 ms
Time elapsed: 2861 ms
Time elapsed: 30 ms

I have also confirmed that this problem does not occur in Firefox. When I run the same code in Firefox, I find that the number of window handles changes from 1 to 2, and stays that way, as it should.

It seems that others are having this problem as well. This person finds that when they open a new window and wait 1000 milliseconds, getWindowHandles() returns a value of 1 instead of 2. And this person on the Selenium Google Group seems to be having the same issue.

My question: Given that the handle for a newly-opened window remains open for (typically) less than 50 milliseconds, what is the most efficient possible way to switch to a new window in Internet Explorer 10 with Selenium? Or is there something I should be doing differently to prevent new window handles from getting lost?

  • What version of Selenium have you been using? – Richard Oct 24 '13 at 19:47
  • @Richard The version of Selenium is 2.35.0. The version of IEDriverServer is – Daniel Charles Oct 24 '13 at 19:56
  • Have you tried manually logging in with IE 10 to see if the same behavior occurs? – Richard Oct 24 '13 at 20:09
  • @Richard The new window opens up fine and is in focus (at least, visually). The problem is in the IWebDriver: Selenium is unable to switch the driver to the new window. – Daniel Charles Oct 24 '13 at 20:26
  • Ah, I thought maybe the window itself was closing in IE 10. I tried a similar test with IE 10, Selenium 2.37, the 32 bit IE driver, and I was able to switch windows. I'd recommend getting the 32 bit IE driver if you were using the 64 bit, or updating to 2.37. I'd also suggest trying your test against IE 9 if you haven't already to see if you get the same behavior. – Richard Oct 24 '13 at 20:50

Just wanted to give an update, in case anyone else has this same problem and finds this page. I haven't found a solution to my problem, but I came up with a workaround.

Originally, I was clicking on a link that opened a new window, and I was having trouble navigating Selenium to the new window. What I did instead was dig through the page's source code, find the button that I was clicking on, and figure out where that button points to. It would have been easiest if it was a simple hyperlink (www.whatever.com/....), but instead it was a Javascript function. That Javascript function builds up the hyperlink using some fixed characters and some variables; for example:

link(username, date) = "http://www.google.com/user=" + username + "?date=" + date;

So, going along with this example, I just figured out what variables were being fed in (username, date, etc.), built the URL myself, and navigated to it directly. Thus I didn't even have to open up and navigate to a new window at all.

  • I just want to point out here that you've not included the source code for a set of HTML pages that would reproduce the issue. Working with popup windows in the IE driver is not globally broken for all users of all websites everywhere. Without a set of HTML pages that reproduces the issue, it will be nearly impossible to provide any sort of a resolution. Please note that this set of pages does not need to be the exact application where you see the issue, simply one that works similarly enough to reproduce it. – JimEvans Oct 29 '13 at 15:59
  • @JimEvans Point taken. I just created a sample page that reproduces this issue. I thought it might be better to put it up in a new question; here's a link. – Daniel Charles Nov 4 '13 at 21:20

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