Since using the default path (SO Question is troublesome in several scenarios, I've used GetModuleHandleExA to get the actual path of the dll.

removed the dll name and added the cacert.pem, sending it to :

        string myPath;
    myPath= GetModulePath();
    myPath += "cacert.pem";
    res = curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_CAINFO,  myPath);

The path is right (cut it from debug and run it using notepad + paste ) and got the file.

Yet I still get Error 77.

** UPDATE: I did check it with regular Path and it works. so the actual problem is why using a string messes it up...

Any ideas how to solve it ?

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myPath.c_str() solves this ! (send the char version of the string..)

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