I'm working in Visual Studio 2010, using C++ code. What I'm trying to do is change the value of a preprocessor directive during run time, not sure if it's possible but I've tried this..


static int mValue = 0;
#define POO = mValue;

#if POO 0
//define class methods
//define class methods differently



//Code calls constructor and methods allowed when POO is 0

//Code increments mValue

//Code calls constructor and methods allowed when POO is 1


How can POO be changed so that class objects use a different implementation of other methods? Or if it's not possible, what's another approach to this?

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    You cannot change preprocessor directives at runtime. Using a base class with different derived classes may work, depending on your problem (which is hard to tell from what you've shown us).
    – Yuushi
    Oct 25, 2013 at 3:53

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You seem to be confused about the nature of "preprocessor" directive. These only exist before compiler processing. The compiler eliminates (replaces/processes) macro definitions during the compile step. They don't exist at runtime to change. It's actually a mini-language unto itself that only compiles into c/c++ code, which is then processed by the compiler.

It sounds like you want your class to be two different things based on some sort of runtime input. This may indicate a design problem. You might consider defining two different classes (possibly with a common trivial base class).

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