I am using AngularJS with WebStorm, and my question is:

How do I add the AngularJS plugin for intellisense keyword for the AngularJS directives in the JetBrains WebStorm?


Here is simple Steps to add Angular Plugin

Step 1 : Just download the JetBrains WebStorm plugin from http://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6971

Step 2 : Goto the WebStorm File->Settings->IDE Settings->Plugins

Step 3 : Click Install plugin from disk and select the zip files

Step 4 : Restart the WebStorm

You are done :)


John recommends not to do it any other way than his but his instructions are as always a bit terse. I found this to be a much better guide. It repeats what john suggests. Note that this step is easy to miss if you dont remember to scroll: Navigate to the bottom of the panel and select the “Browse Repositories..” button. This spawns a new window. Double click on the Angular.js plugin

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