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I would like to control a remote deployment of a maven generated EAR over to an existing WAS instance not running on the build server.

Ideally, I would like to do this within Maven so that I can remote deploy in say the integration-test phase then proceed to run some JMeters in the verify phase. I guess this is pretty standard.

I have looked around and am unable to find a sensible way to do this in WAS 8.5.

There are a few posts:

Remote Deployment to WAS 6.1



and others around the web, including IBM. None seem to offer a way to achieve a remote deploy to WAS 8.5

Does anybody have a solution?

EDIT 1: Further confirmation from IBM that no official maven solution exists can be found here:

WAS 8.5 - Using Ant to automate tasks

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AFAIK there is no Maven plugin for full-fledged WAS 8.5, only for WAS Liberty Profile. But this one does not support deployment to remote server.

Remote deployment can be done using WsAdmin Ant Task & Maven AntRun Plugin

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From further research it does appear that the Ant route is the only route available today. Further google searches turned up these posts:…… I guess my big hope is that either websphere7am-maven-plugin or Cargo manage to work this out. I did read on the IBM website that the ANT scripts are the only way today. C'mon IBM maven has been around for a while now... – theINtoy Oct 28 '13 at 11:09
You might want to file a feature request via link… At least Liberty Profile team is quite responsive. – fnt Oct 28 '13 at 12:21
I have added a link to IBM forum confirming this to the original question – theINtoy Oct 29 '13 at 13:50

we're using was6-maven-plugin to perform both local and remote deployments to WAS 7. Internally this plugin uses ant tasks from wsadmin so I guess it would also work with WAS 8.5.

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                <host>${local or remote address}</host>


Updated on 5/29/2014

Developer of this plugin states on github, "1.0.1 and 1.0.2 is not working, please don't use them!", so I've updated this answer to show version 1.0.3.

Updated on 1/27/2015

Updated to '1.0.8'.

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From the author: NOTE: WebSphere Application Server installation required on host box! But no need to be configured, nor running. – Pool Mar 25 at 9:04

You will soon be able to automatically deploy to WebSphere remotely using Jenkins. You can create a maven project and have Jenkins automatically deploy to WebSphere with the plugin listed below. If you're interested, follow it since I'll be taking feature requests for a limited time.


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