I am new to IntelliJ IDEA and learning shortcuts first to start my development actively in the IDE.

The default keymap scheme is Mac OS X.

What's the purpose of the other scheme Mac OS X 10.5+? Is this any better (or worse?) than the default one? I'd like to know how they compare and what the main differences are.

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There is the good explanation in help about the difference between two schemas:

  1. the "Mac OS X 10.5+" schema is close to Mac OS default shortcuts. For example cmd+G is common Mac shortcut to find next matching text, cmd+O - open class - which is close to open action
  2. the "IntelliJ IDEA Classic - Mac OS X 10.5" schema is close to IDEA shortcuts on other operation systems - Windows and Linux. For example cmd+N - open class - is close to ctrl+N to same option in Linux or Windows
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    Too bad new versions of PyCharm, which is based on IntelliJ, don't use the same new key mappings as IntelliJ.
    – Bjorn
    Feb 5, 2014 at 15:28
  • n.b. There is now a Mac OS 10.5+ keymap in Pycharm. Unfortunately, there is no option in Dataguard for same. Apr 6, 2018 at 18:45

The "10.5" keymap's raison d'être can be found in a 2009 post by a JetBrains engineer:

I want to introduce here a new keymap scheme that we created recently for Mac OS X users. The main reasons for doing this are:

  1. More native key combinations for standard actions (e.g. Find, Find Next, Go to Line, Close Tab, etc.)
  2. Less conflicts with the default system keybindings, such as Exposé (F9, F10, F11) and others.

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