I have some tests - namely Supertest - that load my Express app. This app creates a Mongoose connection. I would like to know how to check the status of that connection from within my test.

In app.js


In test.js


How to access the app.js connection? If I connect using the same parameters in test.js will that create a new connection or look for existing one?

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    are both scripts running independent from each other or is test.js required by app.js? – Bernhard Oct 25 '13 at 21:23
  • @Bernhard the test.js requires app.js - in app.js I do var app = exports.app = express() and in test I do require('../app.js').app – cyberwombat Oct 26 '13 at 0:46

Since the mongoose module exports a singleton object, you don't have to connect in your test.js to check the state of the connection:

// test.js
require('./app.js'); // which executes 'mongoose.connect()'

var mongoose = require('mongoose');

ready states being:

  • 0: disconnected
  • 1: connected
  • 2: connecting
  • 3: disconnecting
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    Output - 0 = disconnected, 1 = connected, 2 = connecting, 3 = disconnecting (soucre) My credentials were invalid, it was giving 4, which I can't find in officials docs or anywhere else. – Ashwani Agarwal Feb 12 '16 at 7:40
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    @AshwaniAgarwal check out this file. – robertklep Feb 12 '16 at 7:48
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    Best solutions I found to check connection state on every request. I've put it in a middleware to propagate DB connection errors to client – Tdy Aug 17 '16 at 6:03
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    If the MongoDB is stopped/crashsed, the state still remains the same. In my case, if it is 1 when connected and if mongo is stopped, it is still printing 1. – Ravi Kumar Gupta Nov 1 '17 at 9:24
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    @robertklep, I thought so. I tried printing the ready state after mongo was shut down. I could still see readyState value as 1 even after 5 minutes.. :( – Ravi Kumar Gupta Nov 8 '17 at 12:50

I use this for my Express Server mongoDB status, where I use the express-healthcheck middleware

// Define server status
const mongoose = require('mongoose');
const serverStatus = () => {
  return { 
     state: 'up', 
     dbState: mongoose.STATES[mongoose.connection.readyState] 
//  Plug into middleware.
api.use('/api/uptime', require('express-healthcheck')({
  healthy: serverStatus

Gives this in a Postman request when the DB is connected.

  "state": "up",
  "dbState": "connected"

Gives this response when the database was shutdown.

"state": "up",
"dbState": "disconnected"

(The "up" in the responses represent my Express Server status)

Easy to read (no numbers to interpret)

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