I have noticed that Apple hasn't released the sources for the developer tools of Xcode 5.x yet

See http://www.opensource.apple.com/ , the latest version is 4.6

I am planning to make some improvements in one of the tools (ld64) and I would like to work with the latest version of the sources.

In the particular case of ld64 (APSL) they are not obligated to release the sources but for the GPL tools like git (assuming they made some changes, which is likely) they are. So, it strikes me as strange that they didn't release them yet.

Can someone more familiar with www.opensource.apple.com tell me how long does it normally take for them to update the site after releasing a new version of XCode?


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It is variable but most of the time it takes 3 months. It should be available in December.

For example :

  • IOS6 was released June the 11th 2012.
  • The related IOS6 section has appeared October the 2nd.

You can check https://web.archive.org/web/*/www.opensource.apple.com

  • January and still no release ... I wonder what's the reason of the delay – fons Jan 4 '14 at 10:47

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