I have a encrypted sqlite db and its key. (Which is generated by an android program). However, when I open the db in command line I can not read the db. The command line tool is installed by:

brew install sqlcipher

I open the database by:

sqlcipher EnDB.db
>pragma key="6b74fcd";
>select * from bizinfo;

It keeps telling me "Error: file is encrypted or is not a database"

However, if I open the database file with gui app sqlite database browser (which is a windows program and I run it in wine). It pops up a window for me to enter the key, with 6b74fcd as the key it successfully read the database.

sqlite database browser

As I want to automatically process the db in the future, I can not depend on the GUI. Do you know why the command line is not working?


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Solved already!


pragma key="6b74fcd";

Call this:

pragma cipher_use_hmac=off;

Then everything works like a charm. It seems the database is a 1.x database.

  • I am also getting the exact same situation but this solution unfortunately didn't work for me. How did you work out the database was V 1.x?
    – JKennedy
    Jan 10, 2018 at 16:04
  • Use also PRAGMA cipher_migrate;
    – Alexandr
    May 26, 2022 at 18:53

Since I had to go through some trouble with a similar issue, here's what helped in my case.

After opening the database in the Terminal via

sqlcipher mydatabase.db

I made sure the compatibility was given

PRAGMA cipher_default_compatibility = 1;

Then I provided the key

PRAGMA key='theKey';

Now, I could use SQL statements like

SELECT * FROM myTable;

Obviously, make sure that things like "mydatabase.db", "theKey" and "myTable" are replaced with your individual database name, key and table name.

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