I have successfully installed [EmbedXcode][1] on my mac.


Downloaded EmbedXcode Extracted and installed Dragged to the Applications folder.

Note: Xcode 5 was installed on my mac even before i downloaded and installed ExbedXcode. Note: Arduino was already installed before i downloaded and installed ExbedXcode.

Then i created a new project.

New ---> Project ---> OS X ---> embed xcode ---> embedXcode Sketch 

Then i gave the name and selected the platform which was Lenardo.

Now, i build my project, and there was no errors found.

But, still i don't see the code change colour or Intelligent code completion being activated. How can i make this to work.

A Screen shot of my project as follows:

enter image description here

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Firstly change the code the 'Type' in the property window on the right hand side to 'C++ source'

Then for even more code sense, get the file to successfully #include "Arduino.h"

Im struggling on that step, but have the first bit sorted………..

Sorted that, I've found that dragging arduino.h to root project directory helped. (Is there a limit to directory depth searched for autocomplete??)


Release 131 improves reference indexing for code-sense.

You need to launch a first compilation in order to have the main sketch declared as C++ code.

For more details, please refer to chapter 2 Create a New Project section 2 Prepare the Project of the User Manual (e-book, PDF).

Download embedXcode

I suggest using the contact form or the OneDesk portal.

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