I 've searched on google some online unused css removers that you have to pay. I also checked here on stackoverflow for programs that might do that. I only found an easy way via google chrome.

  1. Customize and control google chrome
  2. Tools
  3. Developper options
  4. Audits
  5. Check Audit Present State , Web Page Performance only and then push RUN
  6. Then i can see on the files the unused css of the current page

The thing is that this one does it for one page (current) only. I have a website with three pages here : PAGE 1 , PAGE 2 , PAGE 3. I want to find the unused css parts of all the three pages at the same time. Is there a tool or a website that does it for free ?


Try "Dust-Me Selectors" add-on for Firefox. It has the ability to crawl, even thru a given sitemap.

I also wish Google Audit had that feature.


Opera has an open project Ucss. It's searching dublicated or no-used properities. More here

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