I can't find what's new in Razor 3. It seems like a silly question, but I can easily find what's new in MVC 5, in EF 6, etc. - but I tried to google it, I tried asp.net, I tried Scott's blog - nothing. So I'm curious, does anyone actually know what's new in Razor 3? Thanks!

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Here is a list of all the bugs fixed in Razor 3.


The three highlights are:

  1. Support for editing with tabs in VS2013.
  2. Support for URL rewrite
  3. Removing of the security transparent attribute.

The official release notes are coming out shortly.


There are no new features added in Razor 3 or Web Pages 3 - just some bug fixes. Given that, I have no idea why Microsoft haven't publicised any release notes specific to these two products. I have reached out to them on that. I shall update the answer when I get a response.


Yishai has kindly come back to me and provided details below as well.

  • Thanks, I tried to write them too before I posted this question - just out of the curiosity - so no response, so I just understand that once we want to switch to MVC5, we need to switch to Razor 3 as well. Or maybe in some long Winter nights I'll just check the source code... :) – Robert Goldwein Oct 28 '13 at 8:32
  • I also considered getting Code Compare out, but in the meantime I am optimistic that I will get some kind of response. I know of one fix though - in relation to Web Pages validation controls not working in RenderPage scenarios in Web Pages 2. They do in version 3. – Mike Brind Oct 28 '13 at 9:56

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