In the designer when I right click a widget, and I click promote to I get this window. See the screenshot below.

I have never used this feature. Basically, the header file is confusing me. What is it for? Does that mean I can create a new class in this case, inheriting QLineEdit and add more methods to it? What is the promoted class name?

Promote widget


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This allows you to use custom widgets defined elsewhere, which designer otherwise wouldn't know about.

For example, if you've defined a widget MyLabel derived from QLabel, then you can define it here and then just insert a QLabel as placeholder in your ui and promote it to MyLabel.

The uic compiler will then include the necessary imports/includes, for example if you specified mypackage/mycomponent.h as header file and MyLabel as class name, then pyuic will add

from mypackage.mycomponent import MyLabel

(note how the .h is ignored, and slashes are converted to . by pyuic to keep compatibility with python)

Global include is ignored by pyuic, it only affects uic (generate #include "mypackage/mycomponent.h" or #include <mypackage/mycomponent.h> for c++)

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    This is inscrutable black magic. The Qt (Creater|Designer) UX really needs to explicitly acknowledge the existence of other languages other than C++. The need to specify a C++ header file, whose filetype pyuic and pysideuic then silently ignore, is particularly unforgivable. Jun 20, 2017 at 7:11

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