Is there a way to create link in windows?
I found samples that use VBScript or one has to do download Shortcut.exe.
I need a simple solution. Is that possible?


I had the same problem, so i wrote library for parsing and creating .lnk files. It does not use VBScripts or JNI, java code only. See my Github.

Creating shortcuts: ShellLink.createLink("targetfile", "linkfile.lnk"). You can also set up most parameters of the link. See details and examples in repo.

Probably this question is not actual already, but i hope it will be helpfull for people who will find this topic in Google.

  • This mslinks library works well. Only potential downside to users is compiling it by hand (To the author of the library, I do recommend offering a jar download via mslinks/releases). Works very well for simply linking a .exe to a target location. As illustrated in the comment above, the code is a one-liner after the library/api has been imported. – tresf Apr 12 '16 at 3:32
  • @BlackOverlord this is great! Do you know of a way to set the shortcut to "Run as administrator" by default as well? – TragedyStruck Jan 4 '18 at 21:16

Well, I had to use Shortcut.exe to create shortcut but actually what I needed was a HardLink to a folder but Shortcut.exe would create a SoftLink.
Eventually I used junction.exe to create the HardLink.
Check this post for more information https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46885/how-to-create-symbolic-links-in-windows


I suggest you to create a shortcut manually and then copy it programatically into the desktop folder. c:\users\desktop

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