How can I change the port of the LiveEdit feature in WebStorm ?

The default port is 63342, so i can run my project from : http://localhost:63342/PROJECT_NAME. but due to authentication issues I need to switch to another fixed port number.

Help please, Thanks


WebStorm 8

In WebStorm 8 follow menu (or press Shortcut Alt+F7):

File -> Settings


IDE Settings -> Debugger -> JavaScript

And there change "Built-in server port".


If you have a firewall warning when starting WebStorm then you must uncheck the checkbox "Can accept external connections" inside the settings window.

WebStorm 9, 10, 11

In newer WebStorm Versions you'll have to enter the Settings like explained above, but enter a different category.


Build, Execution, Deployment -> Debugger


Default built-in server port can be configured in IDE - Settings/Debugger/javaScript/built-in server port.

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    Don't forget to restart IDE... – JoshuaDavid Mar 29 '15 at 4:28

Well you will need to go onto chrome for this one. Firstly you need to go into extensions:

You can quickly do this by typing chrome://extensions/ into your awesomebar, and then just hitting ENTER.

Makee sure developer mode is enabled:

enter image description here

Click options underneath Jetbrains IDE support. It will open up a new window where you can change your port.

  • The intellij default port needs to be changed as well or the IDE wont be able to communicate with the browser. – Brian Nov 12 '15 at 18:20

Press Key CTRL +ALT +S


Got to Menu File->Settings->Build, Execution and Deployment-> Debugger

Jetbrain Idea builtin  port for live edit

Change the server port. Keep in mind, the port you are trying to use should be free.

If you want to see the live edit. You have to install the chrome extension.

Install Jetbrain Chrome extension

Go the option of IntelliJ idea extension. change the port here also for synchronization.

enter image description here

Restart your IntelliJ idea for effect.

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