I have an array $scope.items.

I want if the item is the $first one of the ngRepeat to add the css class in.

Is it something that can be done with angular? Generally how can I handle the booleans in Ajs?

<div ng-repeat="item in items">
   <div class='' > {{item.title}}</div>

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It should be

<div ng-repeat="item in items">
   <div ng-class='{in:$first}' > {{item.title}}</div>

Look at ng-class directive in http://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng.directive:ngClass and in this thread What is the best way to conditionally apply a class?


You can try approach with method invocation.


<div ng-controller = "fessCntrl"> 
<div ng-repeat="item in items">
   <div ng-class='rowClass(item, $index)' > {{item.title}}</div>   


var fessmodule = angular.module('myModule', []);

fessmodule.controller('fessCntrl', function ($scope) {
   $scope.items = [
       {title: 'myTitle1', value: 'value1'},
       {title: 'myTitle2', value: 'value2'},
       {title: 'myTitle3', value: 'value1'},
       {title: 'myTitle4', value: 'value2'},
       {title: 'myTitle5', value: 'value1'}

     $scope.rowClass = function(item, index){
         if(index == 0){
             return item.value;
        return '';
fessmodule.$inject = ['$scope'];

Demo Fiddle

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