I'm using FFMPEG on windows with direct show. I'm streaming RTMP (command below) and i need very low latency. Once run I get the following errors: [dshow @ 024ce800] real-time buffer 204% full! frame dropped!

ffmpeg -threads 6 -f dshow -i video=UScreenCapture -s 1920x1080 -an -vco dec libx264 -x264opts keyint=25:min-keyint=20 -b:v 1024k -preset ultrafast -tune zerolatency -crf 22 -r 10 -pix_fmt yuv420p -f flv rtmp://server...

Do you have an idea how to handle this kind of error?

Thanks Ronen


That message means "dshow got an incoming packet, but you haven't finished sending the previous packet yet" so in reality, this should be contributing to as low a latency possible. If your goal is to avoid dropping packets then increase rtbufsize. With rtmp hopefully there will be some improvements soon so it has better throughput.

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