I am trying to install a software(P4V) through the linux command window, but I am not sure the best way to go about it since I am new to the linux environment. I downloaded the set up file on my current windows machine and uploaded to a network drive. The linux also has accessed to this network drive, but I forgot how to access files on the network drive via linux. Any other way to install the software would also be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Typically, installing software on Linux involves the same steps steps:

tar -xvf the_program.tar.gz
cd the_program
make install (as privileged user, as necessary)

If your system has the necessary libraries required by the executable, the program will/should compile and run.

Here is a link for Ubuntu

My suggestion is, please check this package in package manager repository. This is an easiest way.

I think you are not a black belt linux user. You can see this link the package managers based on distro.


If you are using Ubuntu & package extension is .deb then do,

$ sudo dpkg -i /path/to/package.deb

Better to find the repository in Ubuntu & use of command

$ sudo apt-get install [packagename]

Similarly if the distribution is Fedora based, use

$ yum install [packagename]

The tar file you can install in the way metioned in above answer by Tyler Jandreau

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