I have a full-page figure that LaTeX keeps putting at the end because of its size.

I would like it to be integrated on a separate page in the flow of text. How can I do it?


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  • h = here
  • b = botom
  • t = top
  • p = page of floats

Algorithm will try the current position in document first, then bottom, then top and then on a seperate page. If you just specify 'h' you will force placement where the figure command is in the document. The order is encoded by you -- i.e., you could specify ptbh which would force a reverse order of evaluation.

p.s., I would strongly recomend anyone using latex to use lyx. Its just as powerfull as straight latex but its wysiwyg and you can drop to tex anywhere you want.

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    ok, I used here, but I changed to "p" and it makes the figure goes to another page, just as I wanted. Thanks!
    – Víctor
    Dec 26, 2009 at 18:08

If you also want the caption to be rotated, you can also use



That also eliminates the need for using angle=90 or something like that

\caption{The SAP data model based on an UML class diagram: classes and relationships.}

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