Is it possible to overload the index[] syntax for a collection/iterable type? for example I am writing a SortedList<T> class that wraps around a standard List<T>. and I'd just like to pass on the usage from my sorted list straight down to the underlying list object. I thought I'd read about this on the dart language tour but I can't find it now.


Dart editor seems pretty happy with:

operator [](int i) => list[i]; // get
operator []=(int i, int value) => _list[i] = value; // set

Try it in DartPad


Yes you can override operators. Like this:

T operator [](int index) => items[index];

But you can't overload anything in dart. Because Dart does not support operator or function overloading. That means your class can't have two function with same name but different parameters.

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