Is there a way to find client's mac address on Node.js? I have been searching about it and i found node-sigar project but it didn't works because it throws a "cannot find module ./build/Release/sigar" error.


Unless your code is running on the same LAN segment as the client, you cannot obtain the MAC address of a client. You'd need to likely shell out to a command line tool or native support to gain addresses on the local LAN segment.

For nodejs: https://npmjs.org/search?q=Arp

If you try to get remote clients' MAC addresses, you'll end up with the address of a router more than likely.

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    If the code is running on the same LAN segment as the client, he can try something like this – Bruno Camarneiro Sep 25 '14 at 8:21

The getmac module will do this. It calls out to the command line to get the system's network config info and then uses a regex to parse output to find the mac address. The system commands it uses are getmac (Windows) or ifconfig (other platforms).

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    getmac does not return the client's MAC Address (as was requested by the OP), it returns the local machine's MAC Address. – user3507600 Jun 18 '14 at 3:12

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