How can I use SimpleTemplateEngine or GStringTemplateEngine to process a template larger than 65535 characters?

I receive the following error:

groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Failed to parse template script (your template may contain an error or be trying to use expressions not currently supported): startup failed: SimpleTemplateScript1.groovy: 5614: String too long. The given string is 198495 Unicode code units long, but only a maximum of 65535 is allowed.

I'm building the template using the following code:

def templateEngine = new SimpleTemplateEngine()
def binding = [:]
    .createTemplate(new FileReader("input.txt))
    .writeTo(new FileWriter(new File("output.txt")))

I found JIRA 3487 related to this issue: GStringTemplateEngine fails to work with >64K strings .

I've thought about chunking the input but that brings it's own complications like making sure not to break in the middle of an expression.

I would appreciate any other suggestions.


Found some replacements for GStringTemplateEngine These can can handle large Strings.



  • Not sure how I missed that project when I was searching for a solution. Clearly my Google-Fu needs work. – jamesallman Jan 7 '14 at 2:25
  • groovy-streaming-template-engine does not work for me. It fails (java.lang.RuntimeException: Method code too large!) for my approx. 250KB template exactly like the groovy built-in template engine. – arturro Mar 20 '14 at 23:06

Try using a GStringTemplateEngine instead. From the javadoc:

Processes template source files substituting variables and expressions into placeholders in a template source text to produce the desired output using a streaming approach. This engine has equivalent functionality to the SimpleTemplateEngine but creates the template using writable closures making it potentially more scalable for large templates or in streaming scenarios.

You will probably get away with simply replacing new SimpleTemplateEngine() with new GStringTemplateEngine(), but should of course test it.

  • I receive the same error with GStringTemplateEngine. – jamesallman Oct 29 '13 at 15:00
  • 2
    Now that was a surprise. After some testing it seems like it fails if there is one large chunk of text (>64K) within the template that does not contain any variables. At least it works for me on ~100K files when variables are spread all over. If the text is very large, though (I got this on a 550K file with lots and lots of variables) another limit related to the implementation of this class starts occurring (method too long). A pity, really. This shouldn't be too hard to get right, but nobody seem very interested in fixing it. – Steinar Oct 29 '13 at 17:03
  • Same problem here. Too bad this cannot be fixed. Real bummer. – The Coordinator Feb 11 '14 at 1:27

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