A     B    C
    1 PROD1 TYPE1 VAL1
    2 PROD2 TYPE1 VAL2
    3 PROD1 TYPE2 VAL3
    4 PROD2 TYPE3 VAL2 

In an empty cell I want to get the value in C column for the Prod Type= Prod2 and type = type3.

I will appreciate any kind of help.


Have a look at using the DGET Excel function.


  • A1 = ProdType
  • B1 = Type
  • C1 = Val

Then your provided data in A2:C5


  • H1 = ProdType
  • I1 = Type
  • H2 = =PROD2 (Criteria 1)
  • I2 = =TYPE3 (Criteria 2)

And lastly, in H3:


That should get the value for you.


This assumes that column C values are actually numbers and not text.


An improvement on the solution by Dick Kusleika for the case when the output column does not contain numbers is


Taken from here.

See also this answer.

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