Is it possible to combine these three queries into one?

DELETE FROM `users exercises` WHERE `date` = '$date' AND `userid` = '$user->id'
DELETE FROM `users foods` WHERE `date` = '$date' AND `userid` = '$user->id'
DELETE FROM `users check-ins` WHERE `date` = '$date' AND `userid` = '$user->id'
  • Separating then with ; only, I think. Oct 29, 2013 at 11:38

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You can delete from multiple tables if you can join them. That is true in your case. Try

DELETE e, f, c
FROM `users exercises` e
inner join `users foods` f on f.userid = e.userid and f.`date` = e.`date`
inner join `users check-ins` c on c.userid = e.userid and c.`date` = e.`date`
WHERE e.`date` = '$date' 
AND e.userid = '$user->id'

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