is there any APIs for detecting wireless networks? , or any QT class for detecting wireless networks and connecting to them . QNetworkInterface is the closest class but it does not support it .


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You can use QNetworkConfigurationManager and QNetworkSession

QNetworkConfiguration cfg;
QNetworkConfigurationManager ncm;
auto nc = ncm.allConfigurations();

for (auto &x : nc)
    if (x.bearerType() == QNetworkConfiguration::BearerWLAN)
        if (x.name() == "YouDesiredNetwork")
            cfg = x;

auto session = new QNetworkSession(cfg, this);

It first searches for the network with you desired name and then tries to connect to it.

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    This doesn't work for me. allConfigurations returns a list of network interfaces for me, not networks / SSID
    – Zimano
    Sep 4, 2017 at 13:11

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