Can someone guide me to do multi-master replication with PostgreSQL.

I have done master-slave replication but how do I get master-master replication.

I have tried to use pg-pool-II but I couldn't find any good documentation for it.

Let me know what can I do to achieve master-master replication in PostgreSQL. thanks.

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It's very difficult to make real multi-master replication on PostgreSQL. There was no good solutions. May be you don't really need master-master replication and there is a room for vertical scaling (better disk system, more CPUs, more memory).

But if you want to do this I'd recommend to have a look at PostgreSQL-XC, looks like it's stable now.


As far as I know you need a third party solution like Bucardo to perform a multi master replication in PostgreSQL.

Take a look at this tutorial for an example of configuring Bucardo and PostgreSQL for a multi master replication.

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