I often open XML documents within gVim in Windows which end up with everything on one line. I manually do a search and replace command:


to get all fields on individual lines then tab out manually the lines. This isn't going to work with sizable files, and isn't efficient in any size file anyways.

Is there a way built into gVim or is there a tool (preferably in gVim) available to help me format my XML documents into separate lines from its one line version that open up by default in gVim?

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Does this do the trick?


It's easily invoked as needed using:

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    From two comments I found through your link I ended up adding the following to my vimrc so I can prettify by pressing F5: map <F5> :%s/></>\r</g<enter>:0<enter>=:$<enter> Commented Dec 4, 2013 at 10:55

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