OpenCV 2.0a does not include pre-compiled OpenCV libraries for Visual Studio users. I am trying to build the libraries from source using Visual Studio 2010 Beta and CMake, but I am getting lot of errors.
I even tried generating the libs from dlls using dumpbin but the linker errors are still persisting. Please guide me to generate the static libs for VS2010.


If the build error you're seeing is related to:

'back_inserter': identifier not found

as is likely the case for the source files cvmodelest.cpp and cvhog.cpp, add the following include statement to each of those source files:

#include <iterator>

For more info about the 'back_inserter': identifier not found error, see this blog post.


It's kind of late, but I created a video tutorial for compiling and configuring OpenCV 2.1 with Visual Studio 2010.


Try this tutorial(dead) and this one out as well.

I tried this with VS 2010 and Windows 7.


See another StackOverflow thread. It's for VC++ 2008, but it may help.

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