I try to use haxe and cocktail for the first time. I follow this tutorial : http://www.silexlabs.org/haxe/cocktail/tutorials/getting-started-with-cocktail/


import js.Lib;
import js.Dom;

class Main
    static inline var ICON_COCKTAIL_PATH:String = "assets/icone_cocktail_blanche_ombre.png";
    static inline var ICON_HAXE_PATH:String = "assets/icone_haxe_blanche_ombre.png";

    static function main()
        #if !js
        //init cocktail and load the "index.html" file in the bin folder

        //html and css loaded
        Lib.window.onload = function(e) new Main();

    public function new()
        // get the image node
        var image:Image = cast Lib.document.getElementById("icon");

        // create interactivity
        image.onmouseup = function(event:Event) {
            // if image source is cocktail icon, change it to Haxe one
            if (image.src.indexOf(ICON_COCKTAIL_PATH) != -1)
                image.src = ICON_HAXE_PATH;
            // if image source is not cocktail icon, change it back to cocktail
                image.src = ICON_COCKTAIL_PATH;


-main Main
-cp ../src
-js ../bin/Main.js

I have following folder structure:


But when I try to compile :

haxe compile.hxml 
Class not found : Main



I think your compile.hxml should look like this. Note the path to src folder. I believe this is related to hxml file location.

-main Main
-cp src
-js bin/Main.js
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