I have seen this format (Image shown below) of share option in most of the iOS applications that support iOS 7. Is there a default code/framework available to implement this share option as it is shown in the image below?


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What you are looking for is the UIActivityViewController.

Since you asked a general question I can't do more than give you a link to the documentation


In addition to the accepted answer, a small piece of example code

- (void)shareText:(NSString *)text andImage:(UIImage *)image andUrl:(NSURL *)url
        NSMutableArray *sharingItems = [NSMutableArray new];
        if (text) {
            [sharingItems addObject:text];
        if (image) {
            [sharingItems addObject:image];
        if (url) {
            [sharingItems addObject:url];
        UIActivityViewController *activityController = [[UIActivityViewController alloc] initWithActivityItems:sharingItems applicationActivities:nil];
        [self presentViewController:activityController animated:YES completion:nil];

Call shareText, leave the things that you don't want to share at nil.

[self shareText:@"Hello world" andImage:nil andUrl:nil];

The Controller in the image you posted is the UIActivitiyViewController this is a link to the class documentation


some good example code: How to display the default iOS 6 share action sheet with available share options?

I know this question is particular to iOS 7, and the code example specifies iOS 6, but AFAICT they are very similar one might find the example code as helpful as I did.


UIActivityViewController is what you are looking for.

You can specify either the items or the applications

UIActivityViewController *actCont = [[UIActivityViewController alloc] initWithActivityItems:activityItems applicationActivities:nil];

Just use following code for Default Sharing. You can able to add more items into shareItems array as per your requirement.

NSMutableArray *shareItems = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithObjects: 
                                 [UIImage imageNamed:@"your_image.png"], 
                                 @"http://google.com/", nil];
[self shareItemToOtherApp:shareItems];

Following method is for default sharing Text or Image into other Apps:-

-(void)shareItemToOtherApp:(NSMutableArray *)shareItems{
    UIActivityViewController *shareController = [[UIActivityViewController alloc]
                                                 initWithActivityItems: shareItems applicationActivities :nil];

    [shareController setValue:@"Sharing" forKey:@"subject"];
    shareController.excludedActivityTypes = @[UIActivityTypePostToWeibo, UIActivityTypeAssignToContact, UIActivityTypePrint, UIActivityTypeCopyToPasteboard, UIActivityTypeSaveToCameraRoll];

    shareController.completionHandler = ^(NSString *activityType, BOOL completed)
        //NSLog(@" activityType: %@", activityType);
        //NSLog(@" completed: %i", completed);

    [self presentViewController: shareController animated: YES completion: nil];

If you want to make Custom Sharing sheet then use following code. For this, you have to import <Social/Social.h> framework.

-(void)shareOnFacebook:(id)sender {
    if ([SLComposeViewController isAvailableForServiceType:SLServiceTypeFacebook])
        SLComposeViewController *faceSheet = [SLComposeViewController composeViewControllerForServiceType:SLServiceTypeFacebook];
        // NSLog(@"%@", messageField.text);//This returns the appropriate string
        [faceSheet setInitialText:@"Hellooooooo"];
        //The facebook VC appears, but initial text is not set to messageField.text
        [self presentViewController:faceSheet animated:YES completion:nil];
        NSLog(@"Please first install Application and login in Facebook");

-(void)shareOnTwitter:(id)sender {
    if ([SLComposeViewController isAvailableForServiceType:SLServiceTypeTwitter])
        SLComposeViewController *tweetSheet = [SLComposeViewController
        [tweetSheet setInitialText:@"Hello"];
        [self presentViewController:tweetSheet animated:YES completion:nil];
        NSLog(@"Please first install Application and login in Twitter");

Hope, this is what you're looking for. Any concern get back to me. :)

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