I have this view restored from back up and it is re-registered and retagged. I can set to the view but there is not stream attached to it. when I do catcs, it contains the stream name and OID. when I describe the view it says UCM view. Is there any way to make this view attach to the stream?

Thanks !!


Not possible, as illustrated by that identical question on IBM forums:

There's currently no mechanism to reattach views to streams.
UCM views are connected to streams via a particular kind of internal PVOB object; perhaps your view and PVOB have become out of sync as a result of inconsistent backup restoration.

One concern was about old UMC activities, but:

As long as you can checkin any checkouts in the view and copy out any view-private files you wish to keep, it's safe to remove the view and create a new one on the stream.
You won't lose any activities since activities are attached to the stream, not the view.

The only thing you may need to watch out for is if CC thinks the activity is still set in the view, but you're not able to unset it (cleartool setact -none).
In this case, cleartool checkvob -ucm -fix on the activity object after you remove the view should fix it.

So, in short, and after getting from that old view what you need, drop it and create a new one.

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