My client has a nuxeo server, which provides an API at nuxeo/webservices/relations, from which I can get all the documents. The problem is that it returns revisions, not documents. Some revisions are set to isLatestVersion = 'true', and some are set to isLatestRevision = 'false'. It is not clear to my

  • how Nuxeo decides to return latest/non-latest revisions
  • in which context I could possibly want to retrieve non-latest revisions of documents
  • how to "force" Nuxeo to send back only documents in their latest revisions, and not the revisions themselves.



  • What is the Nuxeo version? – Julien Carsique Oct 30 '13 at 22:36
  • Is "isLatestRevision" a typo and you wanted to write "isLatestVersion"? – Julien Carsique Oct 30 '13 at 22:46
  • When asking a question about Nuxeo, it is better to provide the output of the nuxeoctl showconf command, in order to precisely describe the installation. – Julien Carsique Oct 30 '13 at 23:16

I didn't find the "nuxeo/webservices/relations" in a recent default distribution (see http://demo.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/webservices/relations) so I'm wondering if you installed an addon?
However, I can imagine such a service would return relations. So it makes sense that the retrieved list is made of revisions since a relation can point at the non-latest revision of a document. You are not using the right service if this is not what you want to get.

There are a lot of APIs in Nuxeo and it is possible to create custom ones, so please describe more your context: Nuxeo version, client language and wanted API. Did you look at the REST API, Automation and the available WebServices/SOAP Bridge?
I would you say what you want is ask for the children of a document, see the getDocument and getChildren operations (available in all Nuxeo APIs).

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