If someone could assist me please. I'm doing a jquery Ajax post, for some reason the Json object isn't working so just returning a php array instead


The data is returned to Javascript 100% as

   [Name] => SomeOneName
   [Surname] => SomeOneSurName

How would i go about getting the value of Surname in Javascript?

Thanks for your assistance? Regards

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Expanding on The MYYN's answer, after you get your script to return JSON, you must specify that you're receiving JSON and act accordingly. You can do this with .ajax():

    type: 'post',
    url: 'classes/RegisterUser.php',
    data: $("#frmRegistration").serialize(),
    dataType: 'json',
    success: function(obj) {
        // This alerts SomeOneSurName

Maybe your PHP script should return json (right now it seem to return something like var_dump($some_ary);. A proper way to do this is via php's json_encode.

  • I used the json_encode method which returns the databack 100%, when i then try to display the data in javascript as e.g. alert(data.Name); I get the error undefined?
    – user232840
    Dec 28, 2009 at 9:28

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